int ch attractive look

Noble Monument's Atman
Tropical Night z Dixie
JCH Serbia & Macedonia. At 15 shows he was youth winner all 15 times and 1xJBIS3
CH Serbia, CH Macedonia, CH Bulgaria, CH Romania, CH Montenegro
26xBOB, 1xBOG, 5xBOG2, 2xBOG3
15xCACIB, 6xR.CACIB, 24xCAC, 1xR.CAC
Pedigree Number:
JR 71572 PS

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parents g.parents g.g.parents g.g.g.parents
Noble Monument's Atman Djakartas So Splended Hassanhill's Dangerous Hassanhill's Williams
Hassanhill's Stars and Stripes
Djakartas most Wanted Sailer's R.S.Tiger woods
Hotpinsch Stand Up for djakartas
Noble Monument's Always be An Angel Art deco Unclesam Rampage's Rare Commodity
Bandsman's Chimney Sweep
L'est jardin's Activ Silver look Chelines Mister-cookie
L'est jardin's Buddy Vera diamond
Tropical Night z Dixie Dollar de lanca Gloris Cyclamen Xmas van de havenstad
Gloris Be Jeez
Helga-N della curva Tosa Perry della selafosca-N
DaISY-n Della Curva Tosa
Coca cola z Dixie Edy Vulkan CS Alain Delon-NA scedir
Cindy vulkan CS
Daisy vulkan CS Robin Hood Scedir
Bini Vulkan CS